Yells Atreuma

  • 2019

«Yells Atreuma» is an installation that combines three entities: one biological, one software and one synthetic (3D prints). It offers a privileged area of proliferation for a polycephalum physarum, a unicellular organism commonly referred to as ‘blob’ and endowed with astonishing communication and motor skills. Then, referring to Chinese medicine, the physarum is inoculated on 3D printed human organs (heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs etc.), and its growth progressively traces and connects new paths.

In Yells-Atreuma, each one of these 3D prints becomes through the hybridization of organs, an autonomous sculpture but also an instrument of visualization, growth, colonization. The organs incorporate trigger points which are connected to electronics and a neural network those goal, through sonification, is to develop a meta-language, a stammering, a perpetually weakened and consolidated conceptual elaboration whose logic becomes more complex as far as the physarum grows.

This project opens up questions of projection, of empathy through hybrid forms. To what extent would the growth conditions of the physarum be dependent on the conditions of its environment or other factors to which we would be strangers? To what extent can heterogeneous entities hybridize and can their senses, percepts, stimuli could be emulated, simulated? What symbiosis or antibiosis relations are implemented then? What conditions of complex coexistence could emerge?

  • November 2019, Nice, Le Hublot
  • Installation.
  • 3D prints, glass containers, gelose, physarum polycephalum, electronics, speakers and lights.