• 2019

"MyCore" - short for mycoremediation - is a modular project in which the properties of transformation and symbiosis of the fungi kingdom are explored. By studying the many possibilities offered by the field of mycology, a multitude of notions emerges: cure / poison, perception, energy, networks, symbiosis, etc. The apparent discretion of mushroom cultivation, the difficulty of collecting and controlling parameters of their growth in an artificial environment, their adaptability (polluted and diverse environments), the disturbing mythology and iconography lifted by its imagination make it a symbolic object of a rare power.

In this context, the installation: "Soma" integrates kombucha mothers, symbiotic cultures of yeasts and bacteria to produce an effervescent beverage, and whose growth activities are being sonified. It opens an imaginary speculative on the reconciliation of psychic and physical bodies.

  • November 2019, Nice, Le Hublot
  • Installation.
  • Acrylic tubes, 3D prints, kombucha culture, electronics, speakers and lights.