Urinotron v2

  • 2019

A new version of the Urinotron, made in collaboration with Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian and Professor Peter Scales. Science Gallery, Melbourne.

Are you flushing a valuable wee-source?
Urinotron is a large-scale installation that takes our organic waste (urine!) and transforms it into power for your mobile phone, before recycling it back to pure water. Contribute your urine and then put your feet up as the microbes in your liquid gold turn it into sustainable pee power.

Why are we flushing such a valuable resource? Urinotron combines scientific equipment, engineering skills and reems of electronic wires in an artistic equivalent of an alchemist’s workshop, producing a different kind of gold.

  • July 2019, Melbourne
  • Installation
  • Photo credits: Nicole Cleary, Science Gallery Melbourne