We'll miss, at the same time, less.

  • 2017

A continuous passage, sliding doors always operating, regular crossings between each individual. We meet, we leave, we miss each other. The title itself, based on Marcel Duchamps's repertoire, uses a famous pun: "We'll miss, at the same time, less". The sentence leaves us in suspense, questions us. Intrigued, the passers try to understand what's missing. Is the sentence really complete?

We are challenged by its setting in motion. There is a movement, an appearance in the text. The signifier gets in tension with the context. Decidedly low-tech, this installation works both as a concept being activated through the mtoion (ombrocinema technic) and questions the anonymity of each public spaces.

  • Exhibition: Art Souterrain, Montreal, March 2017.
  • Vinyle adhesive. Ombrocinema technic.