• 2016

In the continuation of our previous works exploring the concept of energy (natural, industrial or spiritual), we explored the earthquake as a raw material. ‘Frack’ is an installation which visualizes in real time the progress of a cataclysm, a catastrophe occurred after the seism.

The project has been made in collaboration with Thierry Guibert. It includes a wide projection which is the result of a real time amanlysis made by a camera and filming a 3D print, a disc which has been produced to convert a whole set of datas archived from a previous earthquake.

The software made for the installation translates the visual and produces the sound in real time , ultra-low frequencies producing a very physical sensation. Thus, the spectator balances between a disturbing and fascinating sensory perception, he oscillates simultaneously both in a physical and dematerialized world.

  • Earthquake data transcribed as 3D print disc, motor, videoprojection, computer, real-time analysis software, Max/Msp, sonification.
  • Co-production Oudeis / Thierry Guibert
  • Exhibitions: Octobre Numérique 2016, Arles. Eufonic festival, Barcelona, march 2017. Voltaje festival, Bogota, october 2018