Le crassier

  • 2015

crassier (slag heap): heap of waste, slag, as a by-product of coal mining. Can also refer to the waste by-product from a foundry or furnace, formed into such a mound.

Within an atypical bric-a-brac, potentially an alchemist laboratory or A survival factory, you find iron syrup, phosphoric acid, caustic ashes, bone powder, a sum of alternative and organic agronomical inputs. The laboratory… Referring to Bruno Latour definition: ”the laboratory is the doing of making [le faire faire ], the making exist, or in other words the replication and redundancy. It is the artist (or researcher) bouncing off the action and the reception of the work (or the autonomy of the fact)". Thus, Le Crassier, this new installation of Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian reveals a space both wild and tinkered, combining animism and science, an open place where are synthesized, brewed, ground alternative inputs for agriculture.

  • Bones, nails, canisters, chemical intrants.
  • "Open Source", CEAC, Strasbourg, 2015
  • Curator: COAL