In the center of a glass capsule, a sculpture representing intertwined snakes and bathing in a cloudy solution. This representation is inspired by Manasa Puja an hindu deity, who control reptiles that were creating havoc on earth. Chaotic and organic form, this sculpture is covered with copper sheets and the solution in which the sculpture floats is kombucha, a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria whose combined actions result in the digestion of its medium. The acidic vapors gradually oxidize the copper. The color changes and becomes green of gray. Finally, the symbiot is reconstituted around the sculpture.

Kurus is the evocation of a holism, that is to say a belief in a great whole, inspired by oriental traditions where the body and the spirit, both connected to each other, are subject to external influences (cosmos, seasons...). The process of transformation is then imposed through elixir, the ritual beverage.

  • Kurus
  • 2022
  • 3D print, kombucha, glass capsule, mirrors
  • Dimensions: 120x50x50cm